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1. I have paid the package but I still haven´t gotten an email notifying that I can use it.

a. Using the online Chat or calling to Mymoneyback Store Support, check the status of the order and if we have already received the payment.

b. Your service will be enabled immediately after the payment of your package has been confirmed.

2. I can´t upload the image (logo or offer), it possibly exceeds the size. What should I do?

a. Check the size of the image you are using.

b. There are two types of images: Store’s image and offer’s image. Use the following image’s sizes.

Store’s image (Suggested)

Wide: 300 pixels

High: 230 pixels

Offer’s image (maximum)

Wide: 2560 pixels

High: 1600 pixels


3. How can I modify my offer?

a. Log in with your username.

b. Go to the Offers section of your store.

c. Click on the offer you want to modify and edit it.

d. When you finish, click the “Save” button.

4. I can´t save the changes when I modify my offer.

a. Check the mistake that appears on screen.

b. Make sure that the fields marked are completed with the required information.

5. I already created my deal but it doesn´t appear on the site neither the app.

a. Go to the Offer section of your Store.

b. Make sure that the offer appears published in the Actions column.

c. Check if the start and expiration dates are correct.

6. The option Show Offer by City doesn´t has any result.

a. Check if there is information in the field “Valid at” when you create or edit the offer.

7. Can I select several categories or sub categories for my offer?

a. Normally each offer has its own category or sub category, except in some cases like offers related with publicity or printing companies.

b. If you doubt about the category of your offer, please write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our chat online of our web site.

8. I have problems to locate my store on Google Map, it locates me in another country or city.

a. Make sure the address is correct and don’t forget to write the name of the country at the end of the address.

b. Go to Google Map and look for your address. The address that you store has on Google Map will be the one that you´ll use in the address field of your store. Google Map recognizes addresses just as they appear on its maps.

9. The filter of key words doesn’t have any result.

a. Check the key words written in the offer.

b. Make sure the key words are separated by commas.

10. The link to my webpage does not work on the website?

a.Go to the information of your store and check that the address of your webpage is correct..

11. The chat is offline.

a. The schedule of attention of the chat service is from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., if during that schedule the service doesn’t appear online you can call to xxxx-xxxx or write to our mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

12. I mark the Featured option but my offer does not appear as featured.

a. The Featured category is only for you to see the state of your offer, but store owners, can´t create the deal as featured, for the moment only Mymoneyback can apply the featured category in offers based on the public’s opinion.




1. How does the App work?

a. You can visit our website www.mymoneyback.net and select the menu “Mymoneyback?”, option “Knowing us”, there you will find information of our app.

2. How do I subscribe to a store?

a. Using the main menu you have to go to the “Stores” option. After that, you can search for the store touching the lens icon that is located on the upper part of the screen or you can displace the screen until you find the store that you want. When you find it, click the diskette icon and the message “subscribed to a store” will appear.

3. How can I save an offer?

a. When you find an offer of your convenience, click the diskette and the message “Saved offer” will appear. The offer will stay registered on the menu “Saved offers” where you will be able to see all the offers saved.

4. What do I have to do to enable or disable notifications?

a. Go to the main menu, look for the “Configurations” option and check or uncheck the type of notification you want to receive.

5. I can´t see the complete menu.

a. This requires that you tell us the brand and model of your cellphone so that we can run tests and fix it.

6. The option “Near me” doesn´t have any result.

a. Please confirm that the GPS of your cellphone is activated, you can go to configurations on your Smartphone and make sure that the location options are activated.

7. My phone stays as blocked when I’m using the App.

a. Please repeat the consultation of the function that you want. If the problem continues, please tell us in which part of the app it was blocked and your cellphone model and we will check it.

8. Sometimes I am receiving notifications to update the Mymoneyback App. It is necessary to make these updates?

a. Yes, it is very important that your App is always updated so you can take advantage the improvements that we make to the App. Sometimes these changes are related with the Terms of Use and you will be updated with the changes.

b. You can read the purpose of the updates in the moment you are doing the actualization (Play Store, App Store, others) and then you will see the importance of being updated.


9. What happen if I don’t have Smartphone available?

a. Very simple, you can access our website www.mymoneyback.net , select and print the offer you want and presenting it in the store at the moment of your purchase.


























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